Friday, 8 May 2009

The Recapper’s thoughts on Star Trek

Spock is hot.

What? What were you expecting?

Some cerebral, intellectual analysis involving lots of large words? This is not a cerebral film, people. This is big explosions and cool special effects and improbable science. This is good acting and fantastic characterisation and, oddly, amazing music. Damn that score was effective.

Unfortunately, this is also obvious product placement, women walking around in underwear for no apparent reason and rather clunky dialogue.

But ultimately, and this is not to be understated, this was effective.

It was believable recreations of characters that most people recognise even if they never watched Star Trek. And it was emotionally, if not intellectually satisfying. And in the end, if you walk out of the cinema on a high, what’s the problem?

Margaret and David gave it four stars. So do I. Go and see it. Hopefully they’ll make a sequel. Hopefully this sequel will have Brent Spiner. He’s also hot.

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