Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Chuck me Tuesdays: Chuck versus the Truth

Score: A-
Chuck is enamoured of the adorable Lou (played adorably by the adorable Rachel Bilson) but how to woo the sandwich maker when you have a fake girlfriend? A fatal truth serum, fake sex life, nuclear codes, and a tiny Russian gymnast all feature in Chuck’s battle with the truth.

The good
Once again, Chuck's natural heroism comes to the fore. Faced with the seemingly-inevitable death of himself, Sarah, Casey and Ellie he doesn't hesitate for even a microsecond before giving the antidote to his sister.

Rachel Bilson is adorable in the role of Lou and she and Zachary Levi have a natural chemistry. The writers also resisted the urge to make her a spy, which was very welcome.

Ellie doped up on the truth serum was so funny it's a shame that Sarah Lancaster has to mostly play the part as the straight guy to Awesome's comedy routine.

The bad
Contrivance [noun]: a device, especially in literary or artistic composition, which gives a sense of artificiality.

As a rule, truth serums are ridiculously contrived and this is no exception. And then there’s the fact that the plot relied on Chuck continually bellowing out everything the bad guy needed to know while he’s nearby (and that’s before he gets dosed).

There was a B(uy More) plot involved in this episode. I just can’t remember what it was. Yep, it was that important...

The Chuckalicious
Payne: “Who’s there?”
Chuck: “The NSA, CIA, and me! Which is a little harder to explain...”

Chuck: “God you're so pretty! And Casey, your jaw was chiseled by Michelangelo himself.”

The truth serum may have been a tired and contrived plot device but Zachary Levi was charming as a doped-up Chuck and got some great one-liners as a result. And the “fake breakup of our pretend relationship” was emotionally pitch-perfect.

The geekalicious
None. No, really.

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