Thursday, 30 April 2009

Recapper roundup

Wow, it's been a huge month for TV. For those of you still seething over the Battlestar Galactica finale, our guest contributer RLB has given his detailed opinion in a scathing review. RLB rather amusingily stands for "Recapper's Little Brother" and yes, he was the source of the 18 missed phone calls mentioned in my previous post.

Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles finished its second season with a "Holy Continuity Batman" in a truly excellent season finale that hopefully convinces Fox to renew it for a season three. If not, at least it serves as a satisfactory series finale as well.

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse seems to have finally hit its stride and although the season is coming together in Joss' usual intelligent, thought-provoking and slightly-disturbing way, the show still fails to grip. While I enjoy watching the show, it's not "must see TV".

Smallville has bizarrely been renewed for a ninth season (and Firefly was cancelled!!!), an unusual decision after an uneven Season 8 that should rightly have been titled "Metropolis" instead. Still, Tom Welling's hot and that seems to be all fans need. Stay tuned for more Smallville weecaps after I manage to turn my snark from rabid to witty. Here's hoping.

The strangely-bright spark in my television viewing week has turned to to be Supernatural, which seems to have turned from turgid supernatural cliche to fascinating character piece. Jensen Ackles' acting is, when he's given the material, fantastic and this has helped the show no end. And any show that can make fun of its own Slasher fan fiction deserves a tune in.

Well, that's it for my attempt to distract you from the fact I haven't written any recaps lately. Hey, I am busy you know?

Keep complaining and I'll be back soon. More qualified (finally!) and with more free time.

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