Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tale of the plot bunnies

Ok so, no new recaps because... I got inspired to write more fan fiction. Now it's really getting embarrassing. I'm considering counselling (or at least a 10-step programme to stop me demanding reviews from people).

This one's a work in progress. After the serious romance of my previous work, I decided to write a comedy. It's called Body Swap and yes, at this stage I'm considering changing my awful nick. Maybe repressed spinster? See the poll and as always, comments are appreciated.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Ignore the muse at your peril: the embarrasing story of the TV reviewer and the world of fan fiction

Where have I been the last few weeks? As embarrassing as it is for this satirical recapper to admit, I have been sidetracked by the world of fan fiction. Merlin fan fiction, to be accurate. In researching my rather scathing Merlin review recently, I wandered in to see what fans of the show were doing and... didn't wander out.

I was until recently denying to a friend that I would ever admit to this but nonetheless, here is the complete unvarnished truth: I got inspired to write fan fiction. Yes, the muse popped by my head and deposited a plot bunny and here is the result - posted under the unoriginal and inaccurate name of "Morgana21" - my first and possibly only piece of fan fiction, 'A Lion and a Unicorn'.

Feel free to comment. And if anyone has the time and inclination to give me constructive feedback chapter by chapter I'd be very grateful.

Hope to be back with more TV reviews soon.