Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Chuck me Tuesdays: Chuck versus the Nemesis

Chuck versus the Nemesis

Score: B+

What the world needs is definitely more Klingon.

Bryce Larkin comes back from the dead with the answers Chuck’s been after and he brings a new nemesis with him. Fulcrum is our bad guy. Write it down. Of course, it’s not the only nemesis referred to by the title. Bryce Larkin is, after all, awesome and it's hard not to feel intimidated by the woman you love's perfect ex. Particularly if he got you kicked out of Stanford (sip).

The good

Matthew Bomer. ‘Nough said.

The bad

Pineapple. I know that contrivances are spy movie clich├ęs and that this show glories in them but the ‘pineapple’ Buy More subplot was kind of ridiculous. Not so ridiculous that we didn’t enjoy it, however, and so it’s forgiven.

And sweet potatoes with marshmallows in them? I guess it's the Australian in me but that sounds disgusting. And do Americans really eat icecream on steak? Bleh.

The Chuckalicious

Matthew Bomer. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zachary Levi’s Chuck but how can you go past Bomer’s sexy, perfect Bryce. He’s a super spy with a heart of gold who’s not afraid to geek out with his old friend. And until Bond brings himself to save the world with Klingon, Bryce Larkin wins the spy award hands down.

The Thanksgiving dinner scene with Ellie, Morgan, Anna and the sweet potatoes was funny as hell and Chuck’s Thanksgiving speech that he’s “thankful Bryce Larkin is dead and not in his bedroom making out with his new girlfriend” was hilarious, particularly when followed by Morgan and Awesome’s “Dude, that was dark. And specific.”

The geekalicious

Apart from the Casablanca reference "we'll always have Omaha" there's not much going on in this episode that I saw.

Unless you count the Klingon. Bryce and Chuck save the day with Klingon. Did I mention the Klingon?

Monday, 14 February 2011

Chuck me Tuesdays TBC

So, having been inspired by the significant improvement in Chuck Season 4 versus the generally-awful Chuck Season 3, I've decided to come off hiatus and finish the Chuck me Tuesdays segments. I'll try to do one a week until I catch up to the current season. How Chucktastic is that?