Thursday, 22 September 2011

Haven: Who, What, Where Wendigo

After last week's D episode, we get another. Poor continuity, poor plotting, inconsistent characterisation: why is this show so uneven?

SFScope has a fantastic review of this episode that is a lot more measured and detailed than I have time to be and which pretty much sums it up. You can read it here

This show has so much potential and there is a part of me that truly loves it. The other part wonders why I keep tuning in to something that's only half good.

After a much stronger start to this season and some truly great episodes, Season 2 of Haven seems to be careening off track; substituting contrivance for craft and using poor characterisation to drive the story forward. It's damn disappointing and I can only hope that the last few episodes pick up.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Haven Lockdown: That made no sense

Yay! Evi’s finally dead!
Is it my imagination or did that episode make no sense?
But yay! Evi’s finally dead.
You know what makes a character’s death more emotional? Not knowing that she’d been brought in to die from the second she walked on screen. I fist pumped the air and my only regret is that it wasn’t more drawn out and painful. Actually, my only regret is that it didn’t happen eight episodes ago.
But apart from that, that episode made no sense. I thought nothing could come close to Roots for contrivance. Boy was I wrong. No one’s reactions to anything made any sense, no one was in character, the entire plotline was driven by convenience, not logic and, just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, they had some sort of “the Rev is behind it all” epiphany complete with slow motion that would have been effective if the Rev hadn’t told us that straight up at the end of last season.
I mean, he sat in Nathan’s office and said “I’m in the middle of all of this”. Then he came back in the first episode of this season and said it again. Then Nathan said it last episode. Then Nathan said it at the beginning of this episode.
And even though it was one of the Rev’s men who shot Evi, the Rev came in and told Duke it was the fault of the Troubled and Duke… thanked him. For what? In fact, if anyone can explain to me why anybody behaved the way they did in this episode, I will give them cookies. Virtual ones but cookies nonetheless.
Oh yeah, for those who want recap as well as review: the police station gets locked down after an outbreak of what looks like a contagion. Then there’s lots of running around. It’s ridiculous.
But yay! Evi’s finally dead. And that almost made it worth it.