Friday, 22 May 2009

Supernatural Season 4: Fucking Awesome

I think it's pretty well established that this blog is written by a continuity pedant. A well-constructed show is going to get more kudos from the Recapper than one that's not. It's certainly why the Season 4 finale of Supernatural was a truly awesome piece of storytelling, topping off the best season they've ever produced, and why I suspect the Smallville writers are about to have a lot of very angry fans burn them at the stake.

On a personal note, I started watching Supernatural because a friend of mine was a huge fan and she asked me to. She wanted someone with my...unique perspective on talk it over with. But in Season 4 I began watching for myself.

Week after week, starting about halfway through Season 3, the show began to shed its road trip, frat boy beginnings to construct a truly fascinating character piece that had me chomping at the bit for each week's installment. And in the final episode of this penultimate season, the writers delivered the goods, drawing together all the previously-unconnected elements of the show into one glorious, coherent whole.

This single episode not only justifies every seemingly crappy one I sat through in the first two seasons: it totally recasts everything that's come before as relevant and important. In the words of the recapping God, Demian, whose greatness to which I can only aspire, "Thrilling is a good word for it, friend of friends, though I myself am inclined to use awesome. More specifically, fucking awesome."

Couldn't agree more.

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