Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sanctuary season finale surprisingly enjoyable

How bizarrely wonderful was the Sanctuary season finale? After 10 lacklustere episodes of pure mediocrity, episode 11 stepped up the pace and then the double-length season finale was very enjoyable.

It was the little things that made the difference (after all, the big things about the show remain ridiculous. The plot line revolved around a gargantuan underwater arachnid that could control the planet's techtonic plates - and was named Big Bertha).

All the characters finally seemed to have a role in the plot, all the actors who were supposed to be Japanese, Hindu, Zulu, or other nationalities actually spoke their own languages, the actors finally got to exercise some acting muscles but weren't given material that would be beyond their grasp, and Kate wasn't as annoyingly pointless as usual.

The only drawbacks were the same ones that always plague Sanctuary. With loads of extras, special effects, and guest stars, this is obviously where the show's budget in the last year has gone. Is it really worth producing three good episodes a year and 10 crap ones?

Even if one of the good ones makes this the only science fiction programme to ever include a Bollywood dancing sequence. Which was awesome!

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