Friday, 1 January 2010

No longer boring you with fan fiction

So, I'm no longer going to be boring you with fanfiction. This blog isn't really the right place for it anyway.
But if you are interested, then you can put an author alert on me at my profile page here.

I honestly haven't had much to say about TV at the moment.

Merlin finished up, proving once and for all that the writers only had one good season in them. They also realised they had one really interesting character and moved quickly to get rid of her. Now we're stuck with the insipid, one-dimensional Gwen as the only main female character. Ergh.

Supernatural is as good as always but is on hiatus for the moment.

Chuck Season 3 is apparently starting in January now. I know one of my nieces will be thrilled. Although I loved Season 2, I'm a little (ok, a lot) concerned about the Subway product placement and that they're not going to let Sarah and Chuck be together. That would be very annoying.

Smallville, also on hiatus, has moved beyond "so bad it's funny" and is now just bad. So painful in fact, that even dedicated TV watchers such as myself are finding it too difficult to watch. Welling and Durance still have as much sexual tension as a used cold teabag.

Fringe is as painful and unwatcheable as it always was. Naturally I've seen every episode. It's a special kind of torture.

Faced with extinction, "the Joss" is pulling out all the stops in Dollhouse, which is still very good but still lacking something. Because it's been cancelled, he's having to rush through five seasons of storyline in 13 episodes and so the narrative is very rushed. Oh, what could have been if not for Fox. Maybe this time he will have learned, finally, that he shouldn't work with them.

On the Sci Fi channel, mediocrity reigns supreme as Sanctuary continues it's midly-enjoyable if somewhat insipid run (did I just use insipid twice in one blog entry - my apologies) on a budget so low it makes Flash Gordon looks professional. And Stargate Universe is pretty much what fans expected: a two-bit BSG rip-off without the humour. (BSG had no humour in case you didn't get the... oh, you did... ok).

As you can see, nothing is really floating my boat at the moment, which is probably why I've chosen to write my own stories instead.

If there's some extraordinary show out there that I'm missing, please let me know. Otherwise it's repeats for me.

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