Monday, 23 March 2009

Battlestar Galactica says goodbye and thanks for all the fish...suckers

The Recapper is not a Battlestar Galactica fan. While The Recapper can appreciate the show on technical grounds, The Recapper likes her shows with a sense of humour and BSG is the ultimate "serious, this is very very serious, look at my serious face" show. That's the technical description.

But the series finale of the show has caused such a furore on the forums and blogs of the world's geeks that it deserves comment, even from such a determined non-fan as myself. After giving most episodes a rating in the vicinity of an A for the past four years, Jacob the TWOP recapper has given the finale an F, describing it as a "silly, bloated, preachy, half-assed mess", an opinion expressed to me far more forcefully by a member of my family who finally managed to raise me this morning after leaving 18 messages on my mobile while I was sick yesterday. In his opinion, the finale was so awful it has destroyed the show he loved completely and that constituted an emergency worthy of being communicated.

Any finale to a show as popular as BSG is going to be controversial and not all fans are going to be happy. However, in this case, the consensus seems to be that BSG completely screwed up. What a disappointing end for fans of the show.

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