Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dollhouse: it had better not be Barbies

Josh Whedon has a new show? And it's just started in the States? And as soon as I'm allowed to use my unbelievably-maxed-out internet connection again I'll be doing a review? I. Am. Excited.

A few questions spring to my mind about the whole thing though. Why oh why is the God of TV writing going back to Fox? What could they have possibly offered him that would encourage him to go through all that again? And yes, apparently it is all happening again. The bad timeslots, the reshot pilot, the insistence on playing episodes out of order. And while I hate to spend so much time commenting on US TV network politics in an Australian blog, these issues do affect us because it determines whether we even get the show or if it gets renewed.

Secondly, I have serious concerns about Eliza Dushku's acting ability. The woman was fantastic as Faith but terrible in Tru Calling (Man, was that the worse show ever? If you think so, vote in the poll) and her movie appearances haven't been stellar either.

Well, on Sunday we will see. Until then, keep complaining.

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