Saturday, 25 July 2009

Fringe: perhaps it should be renamed "The Ludicrous"

What would happen if J.J. Abrams decided to remake the X Files? Well, you’d probably get a flashy, complicated but ultimately hollow endeavour that only makes sense if you don’t spend too much time wondering about the fact that it makes no sense. It would capture the zeitgeist. It would mysteriously get picked up for a second season. It would start on Australian screens in August 2009 (did you know we had a channel called GO!?). It would be called Fringe.

Revel in a plot line so convoluted it makes the X Files appear straightforward; marvel at the fact that all the bad things in the world are the result of one man’s experiments and all happen in Boston; wonder at the only show in the world that uses deus ex machinas as a normal plot device; celebrate such quality sci fi nomenclature as the “pattern” and the “observer”; ponder the truly ludicrous so-called “science” (and remember that you can't question a dead man if he's been dead more than six hours or if he's lost his head); and glory in two leads who deliver every conversation as though they’d really rather be tearing each other’s clothes off right now if only the gigantic genetically-engineered snake/bat hadn’t lain larvae in their partner’s chest.

Tune in and enjoy the silliest show to ever take itself so seriously.


Anonymous said...

Truly a great review. This show bites. JJ Abrahms just can't seem to "close". Great starter/ideas but dreadful follow through.

genfie said...

Thank you! It's great to get some feedback.

And yes, I find JJ Abrams very good at giving the impression of doing something very profound that's actually very not. So why the hell do his shows rate so well?

Winchestnut said...

Spot on. There are so many annoying things about this show including the fact that it has John Noble doing his Denethor mad-father-who-has-no-confidence-in-son act. Maybe it would be better if Daisy Wenham was playing Joshua Jackson's part../ actually no, nothing can redeem this show. I still watched it though, which was more than Chuck managed to do.

genfie said...

LOL. Yes, there's a rabid Chuck fan base in the States but I fear I'm one of the few in the southern hemisphere. Oh well, it's my blog. I'll make you read all about it ;-)

David Wenham? Honestly wasted on this material.